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AMAS Children's Program

The Children's Program at AMAS includes basic techniques from several different martial arts. Each martial art is taught individually within a unified program, exposing students to multiple traditions and principles. Care is taken to present the different arts separately, so that students can appreciate the individual techniques as belonging to particular traditions with an emphasis on history and tradition.

Okinawan Karate-do "The Way of the Empty Hand"

Traditionally taught as a form of self-defense, our Karate style comes from the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. Karate emphasizes the Japanese concept of emptying one's mind. Thus, to have no preconceived notions hinder one's ability to learn and react. This idea is extremely important in the application of techniques in combat situations and allows the student to absorb information more quickly and on a deeper level.

Practice in Karate-do involves both defense and counterattacking methods, with emphasis on striking and kicking techniques. Drills include exercises with partners as well as solo forms called kata. The Karate curriculum is structured in a set progression which allows the student to develop in an efficient and safe manner.

Judo "The Way of Flexibility"

Judo has been the basis for physical education in Japanese schools since it was founded. It's a complex system of throwing and pinning techniques that is practiced competitively worldwide.

Judo at AMAS however, is taught as a traditional Budo form (way of self development) as opposed to a competitive sport, so as not to lose the value of its origin. In practice students learn to work with each other and develop a cooperative spirit. The instruction includes throwing techniques, falling techniques and grappling techniques. Effective as self-defense, as a method of physical development, and as a means of self-development, the practice of Judo has application in all three realms: physical, intellectual and spiritual.

Aikido "The Way of Harmonious Energy"

Considered one of the internal arts, Aikido's main emphasis is on spherical motions and pure technique. Training primarily involves joint locking and throwing techniques, used to redirect and control an opponent's aggressive force.

The Aikido student strives for harmony, following a philosophy of non-contention, and blends with attacks to render them harmless. It has been found that, with this philosophy and training, Aikido helps students learn to blend and adjust in harmony with their environment.

Kungfu "Hard work!"

Students of Kungfu are taught striking and kicking techniques using both circular and linear power sources. Deep, grounded stances develop leg strength, and springing motions give the ability to attack and defend quickly. The core system is the Hung Gar-Sil Lum style. Although it emphasizes the five traditional Southern animal forms (Tiger, Leopard, Dragon, Snake, and Crane), this system is most famous for its techniques of the Tiger and Crane, and often is referred to as the Tiger-Crane style.

The Kid's program is open to Kids ages 6-12. Kids 13 and older are invited to join the adult program.

Children's Program Class Schedule

Kid's Classes are held:
Monday 4:30-5:30 pm
Saturday12:30-1:30 pm

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