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Wing Chun


Originating in the late fifteenth century, the Shaolin nun Ng Mui was inspired to develop a new fighting style after watching a battle between a snake and a crane. She taught her art to another woman named Yim Wing Chun, who is credited as the founder of Wing Chun Kung fu system and from whom the style gets its name. As a living art, the Wing Chun system developed various emphases from different teachers and branched into several complete systems - two being the Canton style and the Fushan style.


Wing Chun is an efficient system focusing on close inside fighting, using short and fast hand motions directed to the centerline of the body, small rotations for deflection blocks and parries, sticking and trapping techniques for control and advantage, and low kicks for stability.

The two main weapons taught in the art are the Butterfly Swords (twin short swords) and the Dragon Pole (a very long single end staff).

Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) at AMAS

The AMAS teaches two complete systems of Wing Chun, the most famous being the Canton style of Yip Man, who was Bruce Lee's teacher. This encompasses two separate traditions, that of Jin Wan, and the other Leung Sheung; both have different weapons forms. The second system is the older Fushan style of Pan Nam, which has an internal/external focus on animal moves featuring numerous clawing techniques and soft motions with special breathing patterns and Chi Gong. Traditionally, elements and forms of the White Eyebrow style of Kungfu are also included in the curriculum of this system. White Eyebrow is another inside fighting form of Kungfu with quick footwork.

Wing Chun Kung fu as taught at the AMAS follows a progression that begins with basic simple motions, ramping up to complex exercises, two-person drills, empty hand and weapons forms. One unique part of the Wing Chun curriculum is the Wooden Dummy form and its techniques.

Who Should Study

Wing Chun is the perfect art for busy multi-tasking people, elder folk and those who are physically challenged. The simple, yet efficient, motions make Wing Chun's self-defense very effective, and can be learned in a relatively short period of time when compared to other martial arts.

Wing Chun Class Schedule

Wing Chun Classes are held:
Tuesday 6:30 pm
Wednesday 5:30 pm
Friday 5:30 pm

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