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Kung Fu

In striving to develop well rounded martial artists, the Kung-fu program encompasses a wide range of traditional Chinese martial arts. Included in the program are several internal martial arts, which emphasize very soft, flowing, supple energy, and are often practiced very slowly to develop balance and coordination. In China these martial arts are performed even by the elderly. The curriculum at the Asian Martial Arts Studio also includes external martial arts, such as Hung Gar (Tiger-Crane), Praying Mantis, Ying Chao (Eagle Talon), T'an T'ui, and Dragon. External martial arts emphasize power sources gained through physical development, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, agility, power, mechanical advantage, and balance. A third type of Chinese martial art combines both types of power.

Kung-fu students at the AMAS are taught striking and kicking techniques using both circular and linear power sources. Deep, grounded stances develop leg strength, and springing motions give the ability to attack and defend quickly. The core system is the Hung Gar-Sil Lum style. Although it emphasizes the five traditional Southern animal forms (Tiger, Leopard, Dragon, Snake and Crane), this system is most famous for its techniques of the Tiger and Crane, and often is referred to as the Tiger-Crane style. Every student must become familiar with this style. After students are proficient in the basics, they are encouraged to specialize in a specific form, based on age, body type and interest. Advanced students also learn traditional weaponry and dynamic Chinese lion dancing.

Kung Fu Class Schedule

Kung-Fu Classes are held:
Tuesday 6:30 pm
Wednesday 6:30 pm (open individual training after warmups)
Thursday, Friday 5:30 pm
Saturday 1:30 pm

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