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The core curriculum of the Karate-do program is based on two systems of traditional Okinawan Karate-do: Shorin-ryu Karate-do and Shudokan Karate-do. The Shudokan tradition incorporates several different systems including Goju-ryu, Tomari-te, and others. At advanced levels, students also train in Kobujutsu (ancient weapons arts.)


Shorin-ryu is considered to be one of the primary styles of Okinawan Karate. It is based on the Chinese "Shaolin Temple" systems of fighting arts. This system combined with the indigenous fighting methods of the Ryukyu Islands has evolved into today's Okinawan Karate. Mastery of Shorin-ryu Karate-do requires rigorous training combined with concentration and consistency. The Shorin-ryu practitioner executes rooted stances as well as quick stepping motions and jackhammer-like punches and kicks. This style is particularly well-suited for those who want to study a traditional martial art for physical development and self-defense.


This is a composite system encompassing all the major Okinawan styles, as well as certain Chinese systems and Kobujutsu (ancient weapons arts). There are also kata unique to Shudokan, which are characterized by large, circular movements with an emphasis on covering motions. The practice of extension develops power and physique. Deep, narrow stances give the ability to change directions quickly.

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Okinawan Karate Classes are held:
Monday thru Thursday 10:30 am
Monday, Thursday 6:30 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday 5:30 pm
Saturday Noon

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