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It is the responsibility of the Asian Martial arts Studio to provide good martial arts facilities and training; it is the responsibility of the student to pay monthly dues on time and to adhere to the policies and rules of the school.

All dues are due on or before the 1st of each month.

We do not require students to sign long-term contracts or to pay large sums of money for training, but we do expect a minimum commitment of two months of classes by requiring the first and last months’ dues when starting. First month’s dues are prorated from the date the student starts at-tending classes.

For annual Memberships, there is a significant savings.

All dues are nonrefundable.

Adult Rates

Introductory classes: $40 for 2 introductory classes
(60 minutes each)
Monthly dues$100 per person (with a 12 month commitment)
$115 (month to month)

Children's Rates

One Class per Week
Ages 6-12
$60 (with 12 month commitment)
$68 (month to month)
Two Classes per Week
Ages 6-12
$90 (with a 12 month commitment)
$102 (month to month)

We have family rates. Each additional family member is only required to pay 50% of their program fee (immediate blood relatives only). This policy does not include extended family or significant others.

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